Creating jobs and shifts

When you receive an order specification from a customer outside of OnSinch, you can input it into the system by using the "New Job" form. Refer to the step-by-step guide in this article for more details.

Go to section Work  β†’ New job to create new job in the application.

The process of creation job in the system using New job form is divided to three steps based on OnSinch system hierarchy.

1. Order πŸ“‚& Job πŸš›

Central section of this form is dedicated to the job and on the right side is order summary.

1. First you need to chose which company will be this job provided to. If the company has set defaults such as pricelist, location, tags or requirements, they will be applied automatically.

2. Name the job - the name is visible to staff members.

3. Decide which pricelist will be used for this job.

4. You can add the job to already existing order or create new order with the job.

5. If you are creating new order with the job you can set the order as:

  • Price quote - order in this status waits for the confirmation and needs to be either confirmed or declined. Shifts from price quote are not visible to staff members and they cannot sign up for positions.
  • Provisional order - provisional status indicates that there are things yet to be clarified or determined. Such order is active and shifts are visible to staff members and they can sign up. Staff is informed that the shift is part of the provisional order, check content of related snippet in your settings.

Each level (job and order) can have dedicated responsible person:

6. Supervisor is agency admin responsible for this particular job. Lead workers of shifts from this job will see supervisor's name and phone number. There is always only one supervisor per job.

7. Order manager is agency admin responsible for the whole order and staff members do not see contact information of this person. There is always only one order manager for the order.

2. Shifts πŸ‘₯

In this section you create shifts that are part of the job and manage positions on those shifts. On the left you can see list of all shifts you are creating. Here you can add or copy the shifts. You can prepare the first shift and when adding the shift all the information is copied, thus you can change only times and needed fields without having to enter all the information again.

In basic information tab you set all the imporant information about each shift. 

1. Name the shift (this is visible to staff members).

2. Set the time of the shift and include unpaid break time if needed. 

3. Select shift location. Choose from list of available location you already have in the system or add new one.

4. Add common tags (these tags are applied for all position within the shift). If you have set default tags for the company, they will be prefilled automatically.

5. Manage positions - in this section you can add specific positions and manage them separately - each position can have different profession, time or title. You can lock, hide or link certain professions as well as manage applicants.

6. Select contact person - this is usually somebody on your client's side responsible for the event onsite. Contact person details are visible to the lead workers of the shift. There can be more contact people added.

7. Add description for the staff- public description visible to everyone and upload file if needed.

8. Under advanced options you can find separate description for lead worker only and internal shift note for admins

9. If needed set mandatory time off - the mandatory minimum rest time between shifts. E.g. if set 2 hours, staff member cannot signup to shift which starts earlier than 2 hours after the first shift ends.

10. If needed set cancelation deadline - how many hours before the shift starts can staff members sign off by themselves. After this deadline they will have to contact agency admins.

11. Set urgent jobs as featured - such job will be listed on the top of the list of available shifts in staff members accounts.

12. Click the notification toggle button if you want to activate attendance watcher - every time somebody sign in or out off the shift, you will receive notification email. Do not forget to check the setting in notification settings as well.

πŸ’‘Tip: Check your setup in Settings β†’ Agency settings β†’ Job creation default values section to save the time when creating jobs.

If any position or all of them should meet certain criteria you can set it in separate requirements tab.

πŸ’‘Tip: System will show you number of staff that currently meet set requirements.

Shift can have transport arrange for staff. You can set transport only there, only back or there & back. Each transport can have different location and description.

πŸ’‘Information about travel distance and time are estimates. This is always confirmed during closing the shift.

3. Overview πŸ‘οΈβ€πŸ—¨οΈ

In overview section you can check what jobs, shifts and positions you are about to publish and change single records including editing, copying and removing shift and positions.

Bulk edits are available on this page too - tick the checkboxes at lines you want to edit or type profession, title or role in the search bar.

Once are all set just hit the button publish jobs and let your staff members sign up for the shift. Go to builder in case you need to do advanced edits e.g. wages and prices adjustments, adding tags for certain positions or manage wage and price effects.

πŸ’‘Tip: Jobs, shifts and positions can be added also in builder by adding or copying.