Locked & hidden shifts

OnSinch offers you wide range of shift management tools. You can lock the shifts or hide positions or whol shifts depending on your needs in specific case.

Locked shifts 🔒

  • such shifts are visible to staff in worker portal but they cannot sign up for them (and sign themselves off).
  • locked shifts are used usually with applicants feature - staff applies for the job and admin then decides whether they will work on the shift or not. This helps you to be sure that the best person possible will do the job.
  • all newly created shifts can be set as locked by deafult in Agency settings.

Hidden shifts 👁️‍🗨️

  • hidden shifts are not visible to staff in worker portal unless they are signed in to the shift (were added by admin).
  • this is handy when for example:
    • you know exactly who you want on the shift and you will add staff by yourself.
    • you are preparing bigger event ahead in the system but you do not want to let staff members sign in yet.

💡Tip: You can set as locked or hidden whole shift or just certain position(s) in it.

Shifts and positions can be locked ↔ unlocked and hidden ↔ visible any time in the builder editor.

💡Tip: Staff signed up to hidden position can see names of other signed staff members even if the shift/position are hidden. You can turn on staff default visibility in Settings Agency settings.