OnSinch is integrated with Google maps - managing shift locations and venues have never been easier. Read everything you need to know about this feature.

Go to Work Locations to view, add, edit and delete all your locations.

Each shift in applicaton needs to have set location so admins and attending staff can see exactly where the job will be happening along with coordinates.

When staff click on map in their account in shift detail, a new window with google maps with coordinates will open and they can directly use it for navigation or travel planning.

Adding location

  • Type the venue in the Name field - if the place is in google maps, the address and city will be prefilled. Or you can type manually whole address and add your custom name.
  • Use Alias for better searchability or if e.g. the place is a big complex with one address but with more venues it can be handy to have more locations with the same address.
  • Add default Note for venue - e.g. if meeting point is always the same with this venue or for parking information. This note is for the location in general - you can have custom note to location in each shift.
  • App will automatically place the Coordinates pin according to google maps. Hold shift and click on the map to change the pin position if needed..

📍Location can be added in the location list but also directly when creating shift.

Once the location is saved in OnSinch you do not have to fill the address again - when creating a shift, you will just search available locations.

Adding location by coordinates

You can add the location using the coordinates if you don't know the name or if the place does not have a name and client provided you exact coordinates of the venue.

If you have coordinates in format with degrees (e.g. 51°30'03.8"N 0°10'38.4"W), you need to them to google maps web directly first to obtain decimal format of longitude and latitude which OnSich works with ( e.g. 51.501056, -0.177334 ). Don't paste the degrees format.

The first number is always longitude and the second is latitude. Insert numbers when adding the location:

💡Tip: Is always the same venue for certain client ? Set the location as default in company detail page.

Deleting and editing location

  • Previously used location cannot be deleted, only marked as non-active. 

  • Be aware when editing locations as the changes will be reflected also in upcoming shifts with that location.

Location ban

  • If specific staff member should not be allowed to work on a shift that takes place in a certain venue (e.g. because of conflict with local managers) you can add the staff member to location's banlist. 

🚗Locations are used for shift location but also when transport module is present for departure and arrival locations. See transport module for more information.