OnSinch sophisticated system of requirements allows you to set conditions for every shift therefore only staff with the required skills and experience can sign up for the job.

Requirements in OnSinch

It is up to you how strict you set the job requirements to ensure that an unskilled staff member does not sign up for the job. The system draws all of the necessary information about the qualification of individual staff members from their profiles and check it with job requirements.

  • Requirement can be for example rating level (e.g. 30), badge (e.g. crew boss training) or badge level (e.g. sound experience level 3), personal or profile attribute (e.g. driving licence, own car or language level).
  • Requirements can be set separately for a specific positon on the shift (lead worker, staff member, standby) or for all positions on the shift.
  • You can decide how many people from the position must meet the requirements (expressed in % from position capacity; leave blank if it applies to everyone).
  • Requirements are set for positions, but you can decide at each case whether also applicants must meet the requirements (this is often case with locked positions)  or not (underskilled staff can apply and you can evaulete each one of them, give them an exception and sign them in, so they can work alongside more skilled colleagues and get more experience).
  • Conditions can be set when creating the job and can be added, removed or changed later in builder editor.

In this example, everyone working on the shift needs to have rating min. 20 and sound badge in level 1. On the top of that lead worker must have driving licence and english level B2

Requirements in worker portal

When staff is signing up for the shifts in worker portal, they always see requirements set for the position as well as if they meet all of them or not. 

In this example staff member meets 2 out of 3 requirements, therefore cannot sign up for the shift; missing requirement is marked in red.

Requirements in search for suitable staff

Setting requirements ensures only properly skilled staff will be on the shift. However it also helps admins search the database when looking for suitable staff. 

If you have set requirements for the position, they will be automatically prefilled in staff list filter when clicking on 🔍 in shift detail page.

Similarly you can simply go to Staff Staff list and filter staff according to desired requirement or combination of them and then add them to the shift or take another action such as send email.

Default company requirements

You can set certain requirements default for specific company. That way each new job created for this company will have automatically the requirements preset. This is handy when for instance your client always require lead worker with certain level of language.

💡Note: The requirement is automatically added only when creating job via new job form, not when adding the job in builder editor.

General agency default requirements

Apart from requirements for specific shifts you can set basic default requirements for everyone in your database. These settings helps you to ensure that e.g. newly registered people cannot sign up for their first shift without having the basic procedures done such as contract sign or having their profile verified.

Go to Settings Agency settingsJobs section to check your default requirements.