Depending on the services your business offers, you can create and personalize different professions in OnSinch.


Go to  Settings Staff Professions to add, edit or remove your professions.

Professions in OnSinch

In OnSinch, professions play a crucial role in managing work and staff. Professions allow you to:

  • Structure your workforce - each staff member in your database can have one or more profession assigned. 
  • Determine prices and wages - each profession can have its own rates and are used for calculations.
  • Manage shifts - in each shift, you specify which profession attending staff members are supposed to be. Therefore only staff with that profession can see the shift in the system and can sign up for it.

Creating new profession

Go to  Settings Staff Professions and → Add profession.

Fill in the title and description  of new profession. The description field is not mandatory but it can be handy in case your company has many professions and you need to keep track of their specifics.

Note: If you have OnSinch in more languages, make sure you add profession title in all languages when creating it.

Decide whether staff members can choose this profession by themselves:
    • Yes: staff members will be allowed to choose the profession by themselves in their profile. This might be advisable for basic professions that do not require any special skill.
    • No: staff members will not be allowed to choose the profession by themselves in their profile - the profession will have to be always assigned by an administrator.  We recommend doing this with profession that require verifying skills beforehand.

Decide also whether a client can choose this profession - this applies only when you granted your client access to client portal in OnSinch and they are creating orders there. 

Your new profession can be automatically assigned to your staff based on their gender when they are registering into OnSinch. 

Set prices for your new profession. The prices will be added to the basic price list.

Primary profession

You can mark one profession as primary in list of profession. You will always notice it by associated 🏠icon. Primary profession is automatically pre-filled when creating new job - mark your most used profession as primary to save time.

Deleting profession

If the profession was not used in any shift it can be deleted completely. 

Once the profession was used in a shift it will be only marked as deleted with associated ❌ icon and it will no longer by visible in staff profiles nor available when creating new job. 

In case the profession you want to remove is used in shift that has not been closed yet it cannot be marked as deleted until the particular shift is closed.

Professions can be also restored and used again.

💡Note: After adding a new profession don't forget to check how the attributes are set to decide what attributes should be connected with the profession.

Assigning profession to staff members

There are several ways how staff members can be assigned with professions in OnSinch:

  • Automatically during registration into OnSinch (see above).
  • By staff members themselves in their profile (see above).
  • Assigned to staff member manually by administrator:
    1. Go to staff member profile. Under the name you can see assigned professions.
    2. Click on basic tab → edit.
    3. Select profession by crossing respective checkbox and save. You can remove the profession from staff members' profile the same way as adding it.

💡Don't forget the final step! After creating and assigning a new profession to your staff members, be sure to add a record to the wage list and price list.