Snippets are boxes with brief, editable texts that appear on different pages in staff member accounts. You can use them to communicate customized messages to all your staff members directly in the app.

Go to Settings Staff Snippets to see and edit your snippets.

  • Use default content or change it to your custom text, links can be also included. 
  • Description will tell you where exactly in the system will staff member see the snippet to help you to decide what box is best for what message.

Snippets visibility

Each snippet can contain varying content depending on the intended audience:

  • verified staff only - only staff with approved profile will see the snippet.
  • non-verified staff only - only staff with non-approved profile will see the snippet.
  • all staff - everyone will see the snippet.

This option helps share important information with new staff, like details about interviews and initial steps to get started. Meanwhile, it only shows all the work and operation details to verified people.

Snippets in staff account

  • Example snippet ''Staff member dashboard'':

  • Example snippet ''Staff member signed up for work'':