Prices and pricelists

Pricelists determine how much your company charges its customers for provided work. There is always at least one Basic pricelist, plus any number of necessary custom made pricelists.


Go to Setting → Finance → Pricelists to add, edit and remove your pricelists.

Prices in OnSinch

Price of each order/shifts in it is calculated based on selected pricelist. 

💡Each profession needs to have at least one record in basic pricelist. This allows you to charge different rates for different profession.

💡Each role of each profession should have at least one record in basic pricelists. This allows you to charge for work done by lead workers more than for work of regular staff members. Standby roles are not included in pricelists.

💡Prices are not affected by rating levels. Rating can be used only for wages setting. 

Basic pricelist

The default pricelist is called Basic. It determines the default prices for all of the professions, this pricelist cannot be deleted and is available always to all companies so there are always a some prices to be calculated when creating the order.

You can then create as many custom pricelists as you need (scrol down for details).

Type of pricelist records:

  • Hour rate - total number of hours worked will be multiplied by hour price record.

  • Fixed rate only - price per shift will be this fixed rate regardless the number hours worked.

  • Fixed rate with hour range - this price type allows you to set a combination of both types above. You define certain time spans that will be charged based on a fixed flat rate and also set the hourly price for shifts that exceed the defined time span.

💲Example: We charge client for stagehand profession fixed flat rate of 2 000 for shifts that last between 0-5 hours. But if the shift is longer than 5 hours, the fix rate is ignored and price is calculated by the hour price record.


Switch to lead worker tab to insert different rates for lead workers or tick the box to use the same price as for regular staff member.

💡Tip: Test if your prices are correct using the calculator on the side of the page.

Custom pricelists

You can create any number of custom pricelists depending on your needs. Custom pricelists allow you to charge differently in case of e.g discounts, VIP clients, special events, large orders etc. 

  • Insert rates for all the professions. When creating a new pricelist, the default prices from the Basic pricelist are always pre-filled to save you time when you only want to change the price for certain professions or staff member roles. Also, if you change the prices in the Basic price list, they will automatically update for all of the professions with the box ticked in all of the existing custom pricelists to keep your maintenance simple.
    Untick the checkbox to set different prices.

  • Make the pricelist available either for all companies or select only some of them.
  • Set the pricelist as default for certain companies - this means that the pricelist will be automatically used for these companies when creating a new order.
    Available pricelists and default pricelists of each company can be seen and changed in company detail page:

Editing pricelists

Changes  in pricelists are not reflected automatically in already existing orders retroactively. If you want  new prices to be in already existing orders, update the used pricelist in builder editor:

💡Tip: You can always change prices manually in each shift in builder in price tab.