Closing of finished shifts

Once the work is done and shift is over, it is time to confirm real attendance, record any important information about the job and send money to staff wallets. With the OnSinch system for closing shifts, this is smooth sailing.

Shift closing by the lead worker

➡️After the shift is finished, it will move to section Work Jobs and shiftsFinished shifts.

A completed shift must first be closed by the lead worker who coordinated the work on the spot. This staff member takes and confirms the attendance of all other staff members in OnSinch and reports any changes or other important information to the agency admin who will close the job from admin point of view.

Lead worker sees the finished shift in their worker portal in To close section. If the lead worker fails to close shift on time, the notification email will be sent and also possible bonus for closing will be lost. 

You can restrict if lead worker can beside worked hours save also break times (unpaid break) and travel times (if transport module is on). These permissions can be changed in Agency settings, as well as here you setup time limit for shift closing.

After shift is closed by lead worker, all staff attending the shift can submit feedback on the whole shift and on other staff members.

💡Note: If you are using standby role, lead worker mark during closing the shift if any standby worked on the shift as a regular staff member.

Shift closing and confirmation by admin

➡️After the shift is closed by lead worker, it will move to section Work Jobs and shiftsTo close by admin.

From this page admin needs to confirm and finally close the shift. The shift closing process has two parts:

1. You can revise and correct working times confirmed by lead worker, excuse late arrival or absences.

2. In second part of shift closing you confirm wages calculated - you have option to adjust wages, penalites, bonuses or rating changes

The review at this stage must be done very carefully - completed and confirmed data about the shift directly affect how much money the customer will be invoiced as part of their order, as well as what the amount of staff member's wages will be.

➡️After the shift is closed by admin, it moves to Work Jobs and shiftsShift history.

Staff members who worked on the shift receive earned wage into their wallets and notification email.

💡Tip: In case you don't want your lead workers to close the shifts or you do not use lead worker position at all, you can skip their closing part and shifts will be closed by admins only from the Finished shifts section directly.

Reopening closed shifts 🔄

Closed shift can be reopened by admin in case it is needed to make changes or correct mistakes. If the shift is in already closed/invoiced order, the respective order must be reopened first.

This action should be done very carefully as with reopening the shift comes subsequent actions in the application - earned wage for shift is deducted from attending staff members' wallets, rating is changed, points earned on shift for badges are deducted as well. 

Note: If you manually rewritted wage column during closing the shift and then you reopen the shift, these manual wage changes will be lost.