OnSinch has many features to make communication with your staff as quick and smooth as possible. You can choose from various channels to contact your staff depending on your needs.

OnSinch sends various system emails and email notifications and reminders to admins, staff members and clients. You can also send email to individual staff member; staff attending certain job; newsletter to everyone or bulk email to selected group of recepients.

OnSinch has active integration with 3rd party provider Twilio. Through this integration you can send and receive messages right from the system so you have all communication with your staff at one place.

Push notifications provide a modern, efficient way to communicate important information to your staff. Choose between manual or automatic notifications and utilize smart channel notification, without integrated SMS gateway.

You can create a news article that will appear for staff members when they log in to their profiles, as long as you keep it in an active status. You have the option to choose force read for articles that require your staff members’ acknowledgment or agreement, such as policy changes.

Appointments are any events or happenings that are not shifts and which staff do not get paid for and you do not invoice your customer for such as payouts or trainings. This still enables you to keep track of attendance and other information related to the event.

Snippets are boxes with brief, editable texts that appear on different pages section in worker portal. You can use them to communicate customized messages to all your staff members directly.

OnSinch have various set notifications towards admins, staff and clients. Notifications can have form of email, sms, push notifications or interactive notifications directly in the system. You as an admin have always full power over general notification settings and can change it any time.