Email management and newsletters

Emails are essential for each cooperation. With OnSinch you can easily send individual, bulk or automatic emails directly from the app while having always complete history of communication flow.

Go to Communication →  Emails to send and check all emails sent via OnSinch.

Send manual emails ✉️

  • to individual staff member from their profile in communication tab.
  • Communication Emails Send email ⇒ here you can use preset filter.
  • Staff Staff list ⇒ from here you can send email to everyone or filter staff based on your criteria and send only to selected group (e.g. only staff with certain profession).
  • Order detail page ⇒ send email to all staff in the order.

  • Job detail page ⇒ send the email only to staff in specific job (1), shift (2) or position (3).

Automatic emails ✉️

OnSinch sends automatically certain emails - notifications to admins, staff members and clients any time specific action happens in the system.

You have always full power over if these automatic emails should be sent or not. Check and change the setup in Settings Notification settings.

💡Tip: Check history of all sent emails with option to filter by staff member, date or subject in Communication Emails Sent emails.

Email replies 

Emails sent from OnSinch are always sent from address

When user hit the reply button the recepient will be automatically email address you have set as info email. Go to Settings Agency settings →  System emails.