Effects is an advanced and powerful feature of OnSinch, enabling you to amend automatically wages and/or prices in specific cases.

Go to Settings → Work → Effects to manage your special price and wage effects.

Creating effect - example

  1. Title = title is visible to staff members in their wallet records and also on calculation towards your clients (if the effect is set to change the price).
  2. Description = is visible only for you, for admins.
  3. If you do not want to use the effect anymore, mark it as hidden and it will not be applied automatically and will not be available for manual adding in builder. Effect that was used at least once in the system cannot be removed completely.
  4. Select effect type, each type has a note with an explanation what does it do.
    1. Night work - set wage bonuses and price surcharge/discount charged for staff only in certain hours of the day (e.g. 22:00-6:00)
    2. Shift duration - adds wages and prices based on worked time in hours (eg. shift longer than 10+ hours).
    3. Team size badge - allows to set hour wage bonus to be granted only to/for staff with certain badge and when the shift has certain number of staff members. (e.g. to reward lead workers managing big shifts).

      💡Tip: put 1 in the team size column to add the bonus to people who just have the badge, regardless the team size (e.g. Leader trained badge bonus).
    4. Team size - allows to set wage bonuses for staff and price surcharge/discount charged for staff that are applied only when the shift has certain number of staff members. (the same as version at point c. above but without badge).
    5. Team size time block - allows to set wage and price bonuses that are applied for every X hours of the entire duration and only when the shift has certain number of staff members.
    6. Wage percentage - adds wage percentage bonus (e.g. % bonus for abroad jobs).
    7. Weekend effect - set price and wage changes for hours worked during the weekend. System automatically detects what hours are worked on weekend.
    8. Bank holiday effect (CZ only) - set price and wage changes for hours worked during the Czech bank holidays. System automatically detects when it is a Czech bank holiday day.
    9. Weekly schedule - that adds bonuses or surcharges to prices and wages based on the defined weekly schedule - certain day, certain hours.
  5. Set if the effect should be created automatically for certain professions or/and roles. This means that when you create a new job vis new job form, the checked professions/roles will be always associated with the effect by default. 

❕Note: If pricelist and wages have set fix rate for short shifts, if the effect is set as %, it will always calculate the following hour wage, not the fix rate.

Applying and removing effects

There are two ways how the effect can be applied. Effect is always associated with position line.

  • Automatically as set to certain professions and/or roles  ⇒ see above point 5.

❕Note: The effect is not added automatically when the position is created in the builder via + button. The automatic adding of effect works only when creating job via new job form. When adding positions in the builder, effects have to be added manually (when copying the positions effects are copied, too).

  • Manually ⇒ to selected position in the builder editor - you can here remove or add the effects in Prices tab.

Effects in wage and price breakdowns

Estimates of wage and price addition from effect are visible in position detail in wage and price section - look at our example:

  • the wage per hour is 120/per hour. The night effect is applied - for hours worked between 22:00 and 6:00 the staff member should get +10% bonus.

Hours worked in night period = 8

Wage earned for night period = 960

10% bonus to be added to the wage by night shift effect = 96

  • the price per hour is 250/per hour. The night effect is applied and for hours worked between 22:00 and 6:00 client should be charged +15% more.

Hours worked in night period = 8

Price to be invoiced for night period = 2 000

15% surcharges to be added to the price by night shift effect = 300

And it is well visible in builder editor in prices tab:

Staff member also see what was the bonus added by the effect in wallet record in wage detail making it is clear and obvious what is the wage and what are the extra bonuses.

If the effect is set also to change the price, it can be visible in calculations and billing documents:

💡Effects are tied to and depends on the wages and prices of each position and profession. Since the rates can be changed during the time and wages can depend on rating of attending staff, the amount which is added by the effect is always estimate until the final calculation is done during closing the shift.

Changing the effects

When you change settings of the effect that is already in use in any open shift; you might still see the estimated amount based on the old settings in shift detail in calculation; simply re-saving the shift in builder editor will do the update in calculation.

💡Tip: Effect feature is advanced OnSinch component. Reach out to support team to discuss your specific needs making sure the effect is set up correctly.