Geolocation: staff self-clock-in

OnSinch staff self clock-in feature allows staff to independently mark the start and end of their shifts, reducing administrative workload. This allows each staff member to log their arrival at work and mark their departure when leaving.

👋Staff clock-in is a feature requiring a special setup. Contact our team for details.

🕝You can choose which shifts to activate the clock-in feature for:

  1. All shifts
  2. Only for shifts without lead worker role

With self clock-in enabled for all shifts, lead workers will not have the option to do onsite presence of other staff member and to close the shift for admins. Shifts will be closed solely by admins.

The second option allows lead workers to confirm the attendance of team members during their shifts, while for shifts without a lead worker, each staff member will clock in and out independently to record their attendance.

📍Clock-in can be used with or without location tracking, giving you the choice between:

  1. Simple use clock-in for tracking time of arrival and departure
  2. Track time while also verifying the location of the staff member's device

Setting up staff clock-in 

With the clock-in feature activated, you will need to configure your settings. These settings will apply to all of your shifts.

Go to Settings Agency settingsJobs section to set your defaults:

  1. Select if clock-in should be for all shifts or for shifts without lead worker
  2. Add your custom texts to be shown to staff members 
  3. Decide if the geolocation of staff members's devices should be checked during clock-in
  4. Set radius within which clock-in is possible

Clock-in & clock-out in staff member portal 

Staff member will see if self clock-in is required for the shift or not.

Clock-in button is available 15 minutes before planned meeting time.



With GPS geolocation enabled, the device location will be checked based on radius settings:



Clock-in can still be done even when the staff member is not within the location perimeter. However, information about the distance will be saved and shown to admins when closing the shift.

💡Note: Access to location must be allowed for OnSinch on the staff member's device to enable clock-in with geolocation.

When the work is done the process of clock-out is the same. If set, geolocation is checked during the clock-out too:


Obrázek WhatsApp, 2024-03-19 v 09.25.10_78fb7a8a           Obrázek WhatsApp, 2024-03-19 v 09.25.08_9e618da5

If staff member does not clock-in or out, the attendance can be filled by admin during closing the shift.

Shift Closure Process with Clock-in 

Shifts are pre-closed with self-recorded times, requiring only verification and potential adjustments from administrators.

When admin is closing the shift the clock-in is represented by clock icon .

If the clock-in was done outside the perimeter or if admin manually changed the time of presence, the box will be flagged with ⚠️.

During the closing process, administrators can rewrite and modify all details. All information is saved in the attendance overview.