Provisional orders

When managing orders with OnSinch, you have the option to label orders where details are still pending confirmation. This can be achieved by categorizing the orders as provisional.

When creating new order you can set it as Provisional order which has special status:

  • Provisonal order is open order yet there are thigs yetto be clarified or confirmed. It is pending final confirmation.
  • Shifts from provisional order are not visible to staff members and they can sign up for positions from it. 

Provisional orders - admin portal

Go to Work Orders Open orders and in Provisional filter select Yes to see all your provisional orders. You can similarly filter in upcoming shifts or empty positions just shifts that are part of provisional order.

Provisional order can be confirmed or declined. All shifts from declined order will be cancelled and signed up staff members will be notified via email.


Provisional orders - staff member portal

Staff is informed that the shift is part of the provisional order in shift detail when signing up for the shift in separate dedicated snippet for these cases.

Go to Settings Staff Snippets to edit content of this snippet box.

💡Tip: Order can be set as provisional anytime in builder editor.