Self-signup for shifts in worker portal

There are two ways to ensure that a shift has a sufficient number of staff members — one is assigning staff by admins, and the second one, which covers this article, is self-signup for shifts

With OnSinch, you do not have to manually sign staff members to jobs. You simply publish the shifts, set requirements for each position if needed and let your staff members sign up for shifts by themselves directly from their account. This saves your coordinators’ valuable time while you still have full control over the occupation of the jobs. 

Available shifts

Staff members can search available shifts from their main page in their account or browse through list of available shifts. They can see the very basics about the positions here.

  1. Featured shift - shifts set as featured are shown on the top of the list of available shifts.
  2. Shift to which the staff member is already signed up is shown in green.
  3. Purple icon indicates that staff member can sign up only as an applicant.
  4. Chain symbol is showing grouped shifts - staff needs to work on all grouped shifts
  5. Staff member can see clearly also what other shifts are happening at the same time as shift which they are already signed up to.

Shift detail & signing up for the shifts

Staff member can open the shift detail page to see full information about the job and too sign up for it.

  1. Job, shift and position name along with system IDs.
  2. Time schedule and location - meeting time, work time and transport if included.
  3. Estimated wage they will receive to their wallets after the shift is closed.
  4. Name of the company you provide the work for (this can be hidden).
  5. Requirements that are needed for work on the position. If the staff member does not meet the requirements, they would see it here.
  6. Public shift description.
  7. Tags associated with shift/position.
  8. Information about transport provided.
  9. If the staff member can and want, (s)he can sign up for shift.

Once staff member signs up for the shift, you will immediatelly see them in in the shift page among signed up staff or in pending applicants section.

💡Read full article about applicants for more information about this feature.

Signing off the shifts

Staff can sign off from the shifts the same way did signed up - in the shift detail page.

You can set the latest time before the shift starts, after which the staff members can no longer sign themselves off (this can be set for each shift differently and/or by default in Agency settings). Staff can never sign off by themselves from locked positions.

🔔Attendance watcher

You can be notified via email everytime anyone joins or leaves the shift. Just tick the box Watch attendance in builder editor in chosen shift(s). Make sure also that the emails are turned on in the Notification settings.

Alternatively you can turn on Global attendance watcher in Notification settings - with this ON you will receive notification about all attendance changes.

Despite the possibility of staff member self-registration, you still have complete control over the occupation of each shift. If you have a reason for a particular staff members not to perform a specific job for which they have applied, you can remove them from that job. Likewise, you can lock positions so they are not available for self-signup or hide them so staff members do not even see them in list of available shifts.

💡Tip: Combine both approaches of staff assignment - add the best skilled staff to the shift by yourself and leave rest of the slots open for self-signup.