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Reimbursement is extra money kept in the wallet to cover work-related expenses such as transportation, meals, and supplies. Check all you need to know in this article.


Visit Finance Reimbursements→ to add, review and edit reimbursements.

  • Reimbursement requested by staff

You can allow your staff request reimbursement in their OnSinch account to ease you work. It is mandatory for staff to upload a file (e.g. receipt) as a proof.

Reimbursement can be requested:

    • from shift detail page.
    • in staff member wallet.

Staff can check list of all theit reimbursements in all states (rejected, approved, pending) in their wallet. Reimbursement request in waiting for approval status can be cancelled from here. 

Reimbursement requests then waits for admin's review in Finances Reimbursements. Once the reimbursement is approved, staff can request payout (if allowed).

Check and change your setup of allowing staff to request reimbursement in Settings Agency settingsUser account section.

  • Reimbursement added by admin

Admins can add new reimbursement on behalf of staff member. The principle is the same as described above - admin will select staff member, insert amount to be reimbursed, upload a file and associate the expense with certain shift. 

Reimbursement can be added:

    • in menu Finances → Reimbursements.
    • in order detail page.

Reimbursement added manually by admins are automatically set as approved.

Reimbursement management

Requests from staff are pending admins' review and edit in Finances ReimbursementIn this section you can completely manage all reimbursements, such as:

  • adding reimbursement to category
  • downloading file attachment
  • editing amount and description
  • adding message for staff member (e.g. reason for rejecting)
  • charging reimbursement to customer and edit VAT

  • Previously rejected/approved reimbursement can be changed via View action.

❕Note: Rejecting previously approved reimbursement will affect staff member wallet and payout of this reimbursement if already processed.

  • You can export list of reimbursements for chosen period and also download zip file with all attachments.

Reimbursement categories

Setup categories for reimbursement to help you better sort and filter various types of costs. Add, edit and delete those in Settings Finances Reimbursement categories.

Reimbursement in orders

Each reimbursement is connected to specific shifts, all reimbursement are shown in order as a separate line and the costs and prices of them are included in order profit calculation.

Reimbursement which are not charged to customer are set as hidden - you can see them as a cost in order but they will not be included in invoices, billing and other documents towards your customer. To who is the reimbursement related will not be included in such documents either.

Reimbursement payouts

After reimbursements are added and approved they are waiting in staff wallet to be paid out. Payout process of reimbursements is the same as with wages payout, see our full article about payouts.

💡Tip: OnSinch notifies admins and staff about reimbursements via email. Check and change them in Settings Notificaton settings.