Sinch gives you several options on how to help with payouts to your staff members. Read everything you need to know about this feature in this article.

Once you have contracts created, associated them with respective payout methods, staff members with active contract can start working on shifts and receive earned wage into their OnSinch electronic wallet. The final step of this process is to do the payouts - pay your staff earned money and balance their wallets in the system.

Go to Finance Payouts Payouts to see and manage list of all both paid and pending payouts.

Processing payouts in OnSinch

OnSinch gives you several options on how to help with payouts to your staff members. You can choose one of the option below or combine them depending on your need.

      1. Payout requested by staff member

You can allow your staff to request payouts by themselves in their OnSinch profile.

All these requests are then waiting in Finance Payouts Payout requests for admins to be verified and sent for payment. Red notifiction bulb will alert you if there are payouts waiting.

Depending on your agency settings there can be payouts pending for work done or/and reimbursment payouts.

This way is useful when you:

💲Want to let your staff members request money as they want on their own and then just doublecheck and approve.

💲Work with self-employees as you can request uploading file (e.g.invoice) when asking for  payout. Mandatory upload of document can be set to payout method in Settings Finances Payout methods. Uploaded file will be then saved in OnSinch.

You can turn off the option for staff to request payouts by themselves or/and setup minimum amount of money which can staff member request.

Check and change you setup of this in Settings Agency settingsUser accounts section.

     2. Payout requested by admin

Admins can do the payout on behalf of individual staff member in their profile

💲This way is handy mainly when you pay staff member in cash in person.

❕Note: When you do the payout in staff profile and select Bank transfer type, the transaction will not be included in bulk SEPA/bank transfer file. 

 💡Tip: Use appointment feature to organize smoothly cash payouts in person.

      3. Payout batch request by admin

If you want to have full control over payout process in OnSinch and do them by yourself in a bulk for certain period of time - batch option is the best for you.

This way of payout is useful when you have:

💲regular paydays for specific time period of work (e.g. weekly, monthly).

💲bank integration (Czech Fio bank only) or SEPA file export setup to be uploaded to your online banking.

How to do batch payout ?

  1. Go to Finance Payouts Payout batch request.
  2. Select here time frame - the period when the work was done. You can do separate payouts based on payout method or choose all at once. Set payout to day - date when the payout should happen in terms of accounting.
  3. Select all or just specific staff members to be included in batch payout. Orange or/and red exclamation notes ⚠️ will alert you about missing information. Include note for the staff (e.g. Payout for work 1.5.-7.5.) and click on File payout request.
  4. Go to Payout requests section - here you do the final approval. If you are not using bank integration or SEPA file export, select ''no bank'' to save information in OnSinch that the payout will be paid via bank transfer and wallets will be balanced. 
  5. Depending on your settings finish the payout process:
    • download SEPA file and upload it to your internet banking.
    • open your internet banking (Czech Fio bank only) and confirm the transaction.
    • download customizable csv file in Finance Payouts Payouts for further process.

💡SEPA/bank integration can be set in Settings → Agency settings → Banking section.

After the payouts

  • Staff will receive email🔔 once the payout is processed (depending on notification settings).
  • Each payout has a separate line in wallets - both admins in wallet movements and staff members in their profile can see this record. 

Payout history in staff member wallet:

Payout history and exports

You have always full history of all wallet movements and payouts available in OnSinch. Visit Finance Payouts Payouts to see, delete and export payouts.

In this section you can download invoices uploaded by staff in zip file and also export customizable .csv files for your further use in payroll or accountancy.

💡Tip: Use CMS feature to explain your staff how is payout policy set in your agency.