Attendance confirmation

The Attendance confirmation allows you to add staff to shift while requesting confirmation from them on whether they agree to work the shift or not.

This helps you ensure that the staff member you added to the shift really counts on attending the shift and avoiding no-shows. Their confirmation is saved in the app along with the exact date and time that the attendance was accepted.

How to use the feature

If you want your staff to confirm their attendance, tick the check box when adding them to the shift:

This checkbox is available in all sections of OnSinch where you are adding staff to shifts:

  • adding a single person to the shift,
  • adding more staff via the staff list
  • when adding staff in the builder attendance editor.

Invited staff will receive a notification email explaining that there is a shift to be accepted or declined. If you are using an SMS gateway in OnSinch the invited staff member will also receive an SMS.

You can change the notification settings of this in SettingsNotification settings → tab staff members → section work.

If you want to always ask all of your staff members to confirm their attendance when they’re added by admins, you can turn it on by default in SettingsAgency settings Staff.

Staff member profile

An invited staff member will see a box with shifts to confirm after logging in to their account, along with the option to decline or confirm their attendance.

Navigating in shift detail

The colour of icons in line of each staff member in the shift detail will give you a clear overview of the status of each staff member on the shift.

Hover over the icon to see when and by whom and when the staff member was invited as well as exactly when/if the invitation was accepted.

  • Black icon – The staff member was signed up by an admin and confirmation was not requested.
  • Blue icon – The staff member signed up for the shift by themselves.
  • Orange icon – The staff member was invited to the shift by an admin and it is waiting to be accepted or declined.
  • Green icon – The staff member was invited and accepted the invitation.

You can resend the invitation notification or confirm the attendance on behalf of the staff member using the three dots.

Staff in any status can be signed off by an admin from the shift or they can sign off by themselves depending on your time limit settings.

Declined invitations

Staff members who declined the shift invitation are listed in the signed off staff section. Declined staff can be added again by an admin or if the shift is open, they can also sign up by themselves in the worker portal.

First come – first served

You can invite more people to the shift than is its capacity to create a pool of pre-selected staff. Let your staff decide if they want to attend the shift and once the shift capacity is full the remaining invited staff who failed to react on time will not be able to accept or decline the shift invitation anymore.

Checking invited staff members

  • You can find a list of all invited staff in Work > Attendance > Attendance overview using the status field as a filter.

  • You will see also see a number of pending invited staff members in the dashboard view, represented by an orange icon.