Staff member assignment by admin

There are two ways to ensure that a shift has a sufficient number of staff members - self-registration, and the second one, which covers this article, is assinging staff to jobs by admins.

Adding staff to the shift

Sometimes it is necessary to secure a job position by a particular staff member and there are multiple ways in OnSinch how can admin add someone to the shift:

1. Via +staff member icon ➕

  • best way how to quickly add single person to the shift by typing their name. 

2. Using magnifying glass 🔎

  • great tool how to search your database and find suitable staff for the specific shift based on availability during shift date, profession and position requirements if set.

3. In builder editor ⚙️

  • attendance builder allows you to add or remove staff member to and from more shifts at once, move staff member from one shift to another or sign them off. Here you have also option to do this actions in bulk by holding ctrl + clicking on position lines of staff member names.

Shift invites - attendance confirmation✅

Sometimes you might need to receive feedback from staff when assigning them for the job that they agree to attend the shift or not. This is easy with our attednance confirmation feature - you just tick the checkbox when adding them to the shift:

To sum up, there are two approaches when allocating staff to the shifts: 

  • Adding staff without confirmation - they will be simply just added to the shift and informed about it, no action will be needed from their side.
  • Require attendance confirmation - staff member will be notified about being added to the shift and will have to take an action in their OnSinch account and either accept or decline the invitation. Admins see clearly in the shift detail who is invited, confirmed or declined.

💡Read full article about attendance confirmation feature for more information.

Signing staff off the shift

You have always full control over the occupation of each shift - you can sign off anyone you want regardless if they were added the the shift by admin or if they registered by themselves.

When removing staff member from the shift, you have two options:

  1. Only sign off - staff member will be simply just removed.
  2. Sign off with conditional penalty - if the staff member provides reasonable explanation till set due date, the penalty will be excused. This is handy when e.g. staff member let you know about not attending the shift soon before the start.

Similarly as adding staff to the shift, the sign off action can be done in shift detail page, in attendance builder, in attendance overview section, in the profile of specific staff member.

🔔Staff receive notification about changes in their attendance - if they were added, invited or removed. Check this in Settings Notification settingsStaff member tab.

💡Tip: Combine both approaches of staff assignment - add the best skilled staff to the shift by yourself and leave rest of the slots open for self-registration.