Transport wages and wagelists

Wages your staff members earn for transport are separeted from wages they earn by working on shifts. Read about how to setup transport wages in OnSinch in this article.

Go to Settings → Finances → Wagelists to view and edit your transport wage rates.

Similarly to wagelist records for work, you set the wage for transport for each profession.

In transport wagelist it does not matter what role staff members have on the shift, but whether they are passengers or drivers. This allows you to pay drivers more.

There are two types of transport wagelists:

           1. Hour transport wagelist 

Staff member will receive transport wage based on amount of time spent travelling. You set wage per hour and can be different based on rating level.


If staff member has rating 30 and is on a shift working as a Sound technician and is passenger, transport wage will be 100/hour spent travelling. If staff member has rating 100, the transport wage will be 140/hour. If the staff member is driving, with rating 30, the wage will be 130/hour, with rating 100 it will be 170/hour.

Tick the box use the same wage for drivers if you want to pay passengers and drivers the same.

          2. Distance transport wagelist

Staff member will receive transport wage based on the actual travel distance in miles or kilometers. You set wage per km/mi. You can also set fix wage  and set different wages based on total distance range. This allows you to pay more for longer trips.


Staff member travelling to the shift to work as a Stagehand wil receive wage 3 per each km spent travelling regardless the total distance. Driving Stagehand always receive fix wage 200 in addition to calculated wage per km which is based on the total distance.

E.g. if the distance is 130 km, driver will receive in total 1 500 (200 as a fix + 130*10 for kms).

Tick the box use the same wage for drivers if you want to pay passengers and drivers the same.

💡Tip: You can always change wages manually during closing the shift if needed.