Price quotes

In managing orders with OnSinch, you can distinguish between confirmed open orders and those awaiting the client's decision by utilizing the price quote status.

Go to Work Orders Price quotes to see list of all your price quotes.

When creating new order you can set it as Price quote. Price quote has special status:

  • Price quote is pending client's approval and needs to be either confirmed or declined (archived).
  • Shifts from price quote are not visible to staff members and they cannot sign up for positions from it.
  • Data from Price quotes are not calculated in statistics finance page.

Generating  price quote PDF

Price quote in PDF can be generated form order page and sent to client. You can choose from several document templates.

You can also customise the document visual in Settings → Document settings → Price quote tab.

✔️Once admin confirms price quote, it became regular open order and open positions are set as open and are ready to be filled with staff members.

❌Archived quotes are kept in the system for historical record-keeping purposes.