With OnSinch white labeling option you can set colour, logos, and your sign-in page according to your agency branding. In this section you edit here also links, social media and T&C and privacy documents.

Go to Settings → Agency → Theme to edit visual of your OnSinch.

  • Colours - adjust colour of background and homepage buttons, header, or font colors.
  • Logos - logos are shown in various places of the app. Check the popover in each line for instructions what size the specific logo should be. You can also decide whether you want pictures on your OnSinch homepage (slider) or video. If you want a video, do not forget also to turn ON the option in the Layout section.

💡Note: Invoice and calculation logos are managed within invoice address settings.

  • Texts - change email footer or homepage footer text. In this section is very important to insert Legal policy and Privacy policy documents. Staff are agreeing with this document when registering it in the system. You will be provided a template for both of these documents during your onboarding process. If you plan to use Client portal, you should also upload T&C for your clients too.
  • Links - add links to your website and social media so staff members can follow you.

❕Copy the URL's of the exact links as they need to have prefix https:// to be functional.

  • You can add tracking to your OnSinch login page - for tracking from which website user arrive to your OnSinch URL. First, you need to set up your FB Pixel and/or Google Tag Manager and copy ID that you will insert to this part in the system. Please note that you should copy only ID, not the whole script from FB and Google - this is set for data security reasons. 

💡Tip: When changing the visual, have your OnSinch page open in an anonymous window browser so you can check the changes you made directly without the need to log out and off again.