Staff roles in OnSinch

There are 3 roles staff members can be on the shift.

Staff member 👤

  • Someone that works for your company or organization, regular staff member.
  • Staff members are the main personnel that perform the tasks during a shift.
  • They have no responsibilities for shift management and administration.
  • They have separate wagelist & pricelist records.

Lead worker 👑

  • Person in charge of the team at the place of a shift. e.g. crew chief, senior hostess, etc. They are often in charge of the team's attendance and control the working arrangements. Staff members usually have to meet certain requirements or criteria to become lead worker.
  • Lead worker can close the shift for admins in OnSinch from their account - they confirm real attendance and add notes about the shifts. Admins then just check the information and close the shift completely (with options to edit everything).
  • Lead workers does not have access to admin part of the OnSinch.
  • Lead worker can get automatic bonus for closing the shift. Visit Settings Agency settingsJobs section to check and change shift closing bonus.
  • Lead worker position can be renamed in Settings Agency settingsMisc. section.
  • Lead workers have separate wagelist & pricelist records.

Standby 🔀

  • Standby is helpful for unexpected situations when some of the regular staff members do not show up for their job - standby is ready to stand in and do the work.
  • Standby staff members usually get a fee for going to the shift location and being ready to work in case they are needed. If all the regular staff members show up, standbys can go home. If there is a problem and they are needed to do the actual work, they get paid as a regular staff member and in the app they will be Working standby.
  • Standbys have separate wagelist record, they are not included in price lists.

💡Tip: When creating shifts you can specify requirements for each role. Only staff members who match these requirements are able to sign up for the shift.