Personnel - administrators

Administrators are the power users of your OnSinch - they have access to admin portal where all the magic happens. Each admin has their own account registered under their own email.

Go to Settings Agency Personnel to manage you administrators.



  • Number of admin seats depends on your OnSinch licence package, but you can always purchase additional admin seat if needed.
  • Admins can have different roles - the highest role is called partner - admin with this role can access and do everything in the system. You can have more roles with restricted access to certain areas of the system such as finances, statistics or core settings. Name of the roles can be customized (e.g. assistent, econom or coordinator).

💡Note: For additional roles and access restriction setup contact our support team.

  • Admin can be created as a completely new account or if the user is already registered in the system (for instance if one of your staff member becomes your assistent or crew coordinator), you can grant admin access to existing user. Such user than have option switch roles from worker to partner as needed.
  • If you have registered for more roles (e.g. you are registered as a staff member and an administrator) in the app, you can switch in between your two profiles by clicking the switch role button. For example, if you want to edit your staff member profile without having to switch the whole application into the worker portal view.
  • In this section you can edit your admins basic profile information or change notification settings. Admin users can always also update their profile via top right corner photo.

  • You can remove admin account any time. If the user also has staff member or client role, the account will not be deleted from the app completely - they will just loose the admin access.