Invoice line items & inventory module

Orders can include not only price for work provided but also many various items. OnSinch gives you the option to add as many custom invoice line items as you need to the order and to create your own listing of items.

Invoice line items

Invoice line items feature allows you to add additional items to your order that are not calculated from shifts automatically (they are not work provided) but you still need to have them in the order and/or charge the client for them. Invoice line items are used for example for:

  • Travel expenses, car fees and food allowances
  • Material or equipment
  • Extra charges and fees

Invoice items are shown in all billing documents along with price for work provided - invoices, price quotes and calculations:

Hidden items 👁️‍🗨️

Item with no price can be set as hidden - it will be in the order but it will not appear on the invoice and billing documents - only admins will see them.

This can be handy when you have item that cost you money but you are not charging it to the client. Item can also have both price and cost as zero, in case you want them to be in the order for better overveiw (e.g. number of helmets taken from your storage). 

💡Tip: Use hidden internal item as an estimate of expected additionals so you have better idea about the order profit. 


If your OnSinch licence includes Inventory module, you can create your own cataloque of items with predefined name, description, price, cost and VAT. Inventory items can have multiple variants with different price and cost.

You can also create inventory categories to structure your items.

Go to Settings Work Inventory to manage your items.

When adding item to order, you will just simply choose from list of available items and fields will be filled automatically. Of course you have always an option to edit lines in each specific case.