Delivering high-quality services is essential and evaluation from your team is important. With OnSinch feedback feature you can easily keep track of all feedbacks and make sure you are meetings your standards.

Go to Staff Feedback to see and manage all feedbacks from your staff.

Once the shift is closed by lead worker or/and admin, all staff members attending the shift can sumbit feedback

There two types of feedbacks staff can submit:

  1. feedback on other staff members from the shift.
  2. feedback on the shift itself (and e.g. comment how the shift went in general or share feedback on client staff on site).

Admins can add note to the feedback (e.g. if some disciplinary action should be done), edit, delete it or reply to submiting staff member via sms or email.

💡Note: OnSinch can notify you via email every time new feedback is submitted. Check your agency setup in Settings Notification settings and your personal in your profile.

Feedbacks can be found in several parts of the system:

  • in list of all feedbacks,
  • in specific shift detail page
  • in the profile of each staff member. 

❌Staff can never see feedback somebody made on them, only admins can.

❌After the staff member submitts the feedback, they did not see it anywhere in the system.

You can also decide the how many days after the shift end can staff member sent feedback (go to Agency settingsTime limits section).

💡Tip: You can use other OnSinch features when evaluating feedbacks - badges, bans, bonuses or rating changes.