Client portal

Depending on your licence type you can grant to your clients access to OnSinch client portal. They can place orders from here, request changes, view invoices issued and change company details. 

Granting access to client portal

If you want to grant access to client portal to your clients, visit Client overview and profile of chosen client. You can see client's status under the name (in this case client has no access).

Click on Actions and Send activation email. Client will receive notification email with link to login, similar as staff members and admins do.

User role

As we can create more roles for admins with several levels of access the same can be done for clients. Like this you can grant access to more clients from one company and give them different roles and different permissions, e.g. if some client should be able to place orders but not to download invocies etc. Client see all orders and shifts ordered by the company.

💡Tip: You can sign-in as client to their account from their profile the same way you can sign-in as a staff member.


Clients receive several notification from the client portal regarding orders and invoices. Go to Settings →  Notification settings Client section to edit email texts and set notifications.

Placing orders in client portal

Clients can request, edit or cancel shifts via client portal.

  • Clients fill similar but reduced new job form as when admin is creating the job.
  • They fill here basic information about the shift - name, dates, profession, location, number of staff members and notes. 

💡Tip: You can decide which professions can clients choose in client portal in professions settings.

  • Clients see already estimated price either based on basic pricelist or company default price list, if set.
  • After shift is saved in client portal, admins will see it in section Work Jobs and shifts To confirm

  • From here you can review the job, do necessary edits using builder editor and approve or decline the shift. 
  • If the clients request changes in already created shifts, you will be notified in the same section. Client gets notified about the result.

💡Tip: When placing order client agrees with your general T&C document. This can be uploaded in Settings → Theme → Text section.

What information about the shift clients see ?

Clients can see basic information about the shift such as date, location, tags (if tag is set as visible to clients).

Furthermore they can see list of signed up staff and their profile pictures if you set it as visible for clients in agency settings. They can also here see lead worker's phone number, but only if the shift is upcoming or happenings - it dissappears once the shift is in the past.

Requesting changes via client portal

Clients can edit shifts; request changes that again you as admin can approve or decline. Admin will again see the shift in To approve section.

The changes are available only when shift is so-called atomic shift. When shift is requested, and split to more positions by admin with different times or different professions, requesting changed from the client portal is no longer possible and the client needs to contact admin directly.

Client is informed about this in client portal:

Finance overview and invoices

Clients have complete overview about history of orders and all invoices issued as well as payments made and due dates. They can download invoices PDFs anytime from here.

CMS for clients

You can create special CMS page dedicated to clients where you can include additional information such us details about cooperation and services provided.

Simply go to Settings → CMS and when creating page tick only checkbox ''Client'' in views section. Such page will be visible only to clients not to staff members.